Nick Lord Lancaster writes short fiction based on pieces of classical music and things he finds out from Wikipedia. He lives in Essex with his wife and two daughters (one human, one canine).


Published Work

The Ragged Scratch Podcast: The Isolation Sessions 18/04/2020

The Dream Again (Grandfather)
Paragraph Planet 18/03/2020

Over With
The Drabble 24/12/2019

She is a better card player
Detritus Online 23/12/2019

Two Young Lovers in a Seaside Town
Detritus Online 23/12/2019

The Edge of the Room
Orphaned Laser Wolfhound 23/12/2019

Lord Dufferin
Paragraph Planet 20/10/2019

Why ‘we’ doesn’t include them
Paragraph Planet 15/09/2019

Why did Rhiannon leave her successful musician boyfriend Stuart, change her name to Beth, and move to a town near where she grew up, only to arrive on the doorstep of Allan, her former best friend who was beginning to develop a crush on her when she originally left the area, aged thirteen?
The Puritan 26/08/2019

A Man Looking
The Drabble 09/08/2019

When you do bad things regularly
Paragraph Planet 03/08/2019

One day, when he was six
Paragraph Planet 07/07/2019

The Drabble 07/05/2019

Paragraph Planet 30/04/2019

Ever Been Turned
Dog-Ear 04/2019

The Drabble 22/02/2019

Idylle Cynique
The Drabble 26/12/2018

Standing Up
Gravel 10/2018

Paragraph Planet 22/09/2018

One of them caught him on the leg…
Dog-Ear 08/2018

Foetal Ball
Paragraph Planet 03/08/2018

On The Ethics of Book Burning
FlashBack Fiction 28/05/2018

Lilly Misses The Point
Dog-Ear 01/2018

Next Door Is Only A Footstep
Flash Fiction Magazine /08/2017

Life In Numbers
Maudlin House 27/04/2017

KYSO Flash #4 Fall 2015

Flash Fiction Magazine 01/07/2015

Solitary Traveller
The Linnet’s Wings 05/2015

March of the Trolls
Saturday Night Reader 29/04/2015